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LIGA prides itself in the college development phase and in navigating the collegiate recruitment pathway. Many keepers aspire to play at the NCAA level, this is one of the key motivational factors of goalkeepers here in the states, and internationally for prospects looking to study here. Throughout our alumni’s successes, we have managed to network with hundreds of colleges and universities across the states.

Greg Cumpstone

LIGA Alumnus & Director of Connecticut Rush Soccer Club

LIGA has grown to become a brand synonymous with success, personal development, and a pursuit of excellence. The sheer number of goalkeepers who join LIGA and move on to play in college is incredible. Even from across the Sound I keep tabs on the work Adam is doing and am so impressed with the levels displayed by his goalkeepers. LIGA is a very well-run program that not only fine-tunes goalkeepers and enhances their skill set, but also fosters a family environment that bonds the participants together in a very unique way.

Since graduating from Hofstra, where I collaborated with Adam to create LIGA, I have gone into the coaching realm full-time. I am currently the Technical Director at Connecticut Rush Soccer Club and the head coach of the Daniel Hand High School boys program, where we have just won a record-breaking fourth consecutive state championship. At Connecticut Rush I coach on the boys side and am also responsible for much of the day-to-day running of the club as well as implementing a club-wide methodology and curriculum. LIGA represented one of the first steps I took on the coaching path, and although I do not work purely with goalkeepers anymore, it helped to create a base of experience and knowledge from which I continue to pull from.

Kelsey Tierney

LIGA Alumnus & Futures Sales Trader at Goldman Sachs

LIGA was an integral part of my development as a soccer player, while simultaneously instilling values in me that have helped throughout my personal and professional life. Adam is able to bring out the best in his players by understanding what teaching methods resonate with them individually. His approach gives keepers self-awareness of how to improve upon their weaknesses while capitalizing on their strengths, personal accountability of their fitness, and self-confidence in their ability and decision-making-- all so crucial for the goalkeeping position. LIGA helped prepare me for the rigor of D1 soccer at Cornell by keeping me sharp over the summer in preparation for preseason and a demanding Ivy League schedule. Training alongside such driven individuals was not only motivating and inspiring, but also led to lifelong friendships and an expanded network of great people.

Though I am now graduated from Cornell, I still keep in touch and stay up-to-date on the exciting developments of LIGA. I am so impressed with how it has evolved over the years. Currently, I am living in NYC, where I work as a sales trader at Goldman Sachs. The same values of work ethic, discipline, etc. that LIGA promotes have carried over as a necessary skillset in the workforce.


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